The Ultimate Guide to Double Crochet (2023)

This crochet stitch tutorial will tell you everything you need to know about the double crochet stitch including common problems and mistakes, tutorials and more.

The Ultimate Guide to Double Crochet (1)

The double crochet stitch is a basic crochet stitch. It is a tall stitch that is the basis for things such as crochet lace and filet crochet as well as other stitches such as the shell stitch and fan stitch.

Today, we are going to take a look at this very useful stitch and delve into common questions, how to double crochet, common problems with the stitch and more!

Plus, I’ll show you my favorite way to work a chainless double crochet, so if you don’t like the pesky ch-3 turning chain, grab a hook and some yarn and settle in, because we are going to learn all about double crochet today!

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Anatomy of a Double Crochet

Before we begin our double crochet tutorial, let’s take a minute to get acquainted with this basic crochet stitch.


The dc is a much taller stitch than a single crochet or half double crochet. It is made by working a yarn over before inserting the hook into a stitch, then yarn over and pull up a loop, (yarn over and draw through two loops) twice.

Double Crochet Turning Chain

The turning chain for a stitch gets the yarn up to the height it needs for the next row and depends upon the type of stitch that is being worked.

A turning chain for dc is a chain 3.

When working a dc into a starting chain, you will begin your first dc in the 4th chain from the hook.

Alternatives to the Turning Chain

Many people prefer to work a chain 2 for their turning chain, as they feel that a chain 3 is too loose. Try this if you aren’t enjoying the chain 3.

Another option is one of several methods for working a chainless double crochet. My favorite method is shown in the video tutorial below.

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How to Double Crochet

Time needed:15 minutes.

Here is how you work a double crochet stitch, whether it is into a chain, a space or an established row. All you need to work this stitch are yarn of choice and a crochet hook in a size appropriate for your yarn (check the yarn label if you are unsure).

  1. Yarn over.

    The Ultimate Guide to Double Crochet (2)

  2. Insert hook into stitch indicated and pull up a loop (three loops on hook).

    The Ultimate Guide to Double Crochet (3)

  3. Yarn over and pull through two loops (two loops on hook).

    The Ultimate Guide to Double Crochet (4)

  4. Yarn over and pull through two loops.

    The Ultimate Guide to Double Crochet (5)

That’s it! You’ve made your first stitch. Repeat this action to complete the double crochet stitch as many times as indicated.

Common Questions

What does double crochet look like?

A double crochet is a tall stitch that includes a yarn over before inserting the hook into the stitch. It looks a lot like two loops stacked on top of each other, from the times you draw the yarn through the loop.

How do you do a double crochet stitch UK?

A double crochet stitch in UK terms is a single crochet in US terms. This can get confusing if you are used to working mainly with one set of terms or the other. Remember, if you see single crochet in the pattern, it’s in US terms.

How do you turn a double crochet into a row?

When turning to the next row on double crochet, you will need to bring the yarn to the height of the stitch. The most common way to do this is to chain 3. Some people prefer a chain 2, and some even work one of the different chainless crochet stitches. Any of these methods will create the height needed for the double crochet row.

What is the abbreviation for double crochet?

This one is also easy! It’s just dc.

What is the crochet chart symbol for double crochet?

This stitch symbol looks like a long letter “T” with one diagonal line through the middle. The line is representative of the number of times you yarn over before working the stitch.

How to Double Crochet in the Round

The Ultimate Guide to Double Crochet (6)

The same basic stitch is the same, but for working dc in the round you will need to join each row with a slip stitch, then work a turning chain or alternative for the next row.

How to Increase dc

The Ultimate Guide to Double Crochet (7)

When increasing for a dc stitch, work more than one stitch in the stitch or space indicated.

Double Crochet Decrease

Double Crochet 2 Together (dc2tog)

The Ultimate Guide to Double Crochet (8)

Step One: Yarn over, insert hook and draw up a loop, just as when working a regular dc (three loops on hook).

The Ultimate Guide to Double Crochet (9)

Step Two: Yarn over and draw through 2 loops, same as a regular dc (two loops on hook).

The Ultimate Guide to Double Crochet (10)

Step Three: Yarn over, insert hook in next stitch and draw up a loop (four loops on hook).

The Ultimate Guide to Double Crochet (11)

Step Four: Yarn over, draw through two loops (three loops on hook).

The Ultimate Guide to Double Crochet (12)

Step Five: Yarn over and draw through remaining 3 loops.

How to Count Dc Stitches and Rows

The Ultimate Guide to Double Crochet (13)

Dc is often almost twice as tall as it is wide, so it is common to get a gauge that reflects this measurement.

Double Crochet Video Tutorial

Tips and Tricks for Perfect Double Crochet

Common Problems with dc

You have gaps or holes on the side of your fabric. T
This is often caused by the turning chain. Turning chains are often counted as stitches, which means you skip the first stitch in the row and begin working in the second stitch. This often will leave a gap or hole that isn’t even.
This can be remedied by trying the chainless turning chain method, a chain 2 turning chain, or a chain 2 turning chain where you do not count the turning chain as a row. Try these methods and see what works best for you.

You are losing stitches.
This often happens when you don’t work into the turning chain. If you work a chainless turning chain, it appears as more of a stitch so you are less likely to forget to work in it. This also works for the ch 2 turning chain that doesn’t count as a stitch.

You keep gaining double crochet stitches.
This happens when you forget to skip the first stitch when your chain 3 counts as a stitch, which adds a stitch to your project every row.

See also how to work the double crochet stitch as a post stitch – front post double crochet stitch and back post double crochet stitch.

Patterns that use dc…

Thick and Quick Hat – This crochet pattern is a free pattern and uses all double crochets to create a very quick make.

Chunky Button Slippers – This free pattern uses double crochets to work up an easy pair of slippers. This crochet pattern is a free pattern and available in three sizes.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this crochet tutorial for the double crochet stitch and will use it in your next crochet project! It’s a super useful stitch that you will find in many projects.

You can view all of my free crochet patterns here!

Happy Crocheting!

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