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The single crochet stitch is one of the first stitches you’ll want to learn how to do in crochet. It is the most basic of all basic stitches, yet you can use this single stitch to create so many different things. Today’s Learn To Crochet tutorial is all about how to single crochet for beginners and includes a step by step picture and video tutorial. At the end I’ve also put together a list of projects you can make with this stitch alone!

If you don’t already know, there are five very basic stitches. You can find a list of them over in the Learn to Crochet the Easy Way Series, but today we’re going over one of the five.

You will have to know how to make a slip knot and the chain stitch before moving on to the single crochet. Go check out those tutorials first and come back when you get the hang of it. If you already know how to create a slip know and the chain stitch, then you’re good to go.

Besides the chain stitch, the single crochet is the most basic and easiest stitch to learn! Believe it or not, if all you learned was the single crochet, you would still be able to create hundreds of different patterns and projects. Pretty cool, huh?

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Learn to Crochet the Easy Way

Earlier I mentioned the Learn to Crochet the Easy Way series. Since you’re here, I assume you’re a beginner so I’m thinking you would love to learn even more.

Within theLearn to Crochet the Easy Way series, you will find a list of detailed, step by step tutorials for beginner crocheters. This series is great if you’re trying to learn how to crochet at your own pace and each tutorial will walk you through the process slowly.

Not sure where to start? My 7-Day Learn To Crochet Challenge will give you step by step guidance on where to start, what to learn next, & how to get started on your first project!

Click Here to Join the FREE 7-day Challenge!

Before we get started…

When learning how to crochet, I always suggest to my students to use a light-colored medium weight yarn and a 5 to 6mm crochet hook (check the yarn label for the suggested hook size).

The lighter color is so you’re able to see and count your stitches. If you’re unsure what “medium weight” means, you can find everything you need to know about different yarn types here.

For additional help, you can find the video tutorial below the picture tutorial!

How To Single Crochet For Beginners: Picture Tutorial

Step 1: Create a slip knot and chain 15.

Step 2: Insert your hook into the second chain from your hook (the loop around your hook does not count as a chain)Wrap your yarn around the back of your hook over to the front (this is called “yarn over”) and pull the yarn back through the loop. You will now have 2 loops on your hook.

Step 3: Yarn over your hook again and pull throughbothloops on your hook.

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How To Single Crochet For Beginners (SC) - (3)

Congratulations, you’ve made your first single crochet! Let’s try it together one more time.

I’ll explain again.

Insert your hook into the next chain. Yarn over, pull the loop back through the chain. You will have 2 loops on your hook. Yarn over and pull through both loops.

*Note: Working this stitch and almost every other stitch through the foundation chain is the hardest part when you’re first starting out. Don’tgive up. Once you get a couple rows down it will become easier to grip your yarn.

Continue single crocheting in each chain until you reach the end of the row.

Don’t forget to go back and count your stitches. This is very important especially when you’re first starting out. You should have 14 stitches total.This is because you placed your first stitch in the second chain from your hook.

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How To Work Rows of Single Crochet Stitches

Chain 1 and turn your work around so you’re facing the back of the row you just finished.

This row is going to look a little different.

Instead of working into the foundation chain, we’re working into the top of the single crochet stitches you just created.

Insert your hook into the very first stitch. When you insert your hook into the top of the stitch, you will notice it has a ‘v’ shape. You can see this in photo #2 below.

This is where you’re going to create each of your stitches from this row forward.

If you haven’t already, insert your hook through the first ‘v-shaped’ stitch. Yarn over, pull the loop back through the stitch, yarn over again, and pull through both loops on your hook.

How To Single Crochet For Beginners (SC) - (5)
How To Single Crochet For Beginners (SC) - (6)

Continue creating single crochet stitches in each stitch down the row.

*Don’t forget the very last stitch! Count your stitches to make sure you’re on the right track. Remember, you should have 14 stitches total.*

Once you get to the end of the row, chain 1 and turn your work around again.

For Row 3 and each row after, you will repeat row 2!

Now you’ve officially learned how to make single crochet stitches! The more you practice, the better you’ll get!

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If you think you’re doing something wrong or you just can’t get the hang of it, leave a comment below and I’ll answer any questions you have. I’ve also included a few more tips at the bottom of this post that may help!

How To Single Crochet For Beginners: Video Tutorial

Plus there’s aleft handed tutoriallinked in the description.

Are you dreading the thought of practice because you’re too excited to just make something?

I completely understand wanting to jump in there and get started with your first project. How about I help you create something right here, right now that will help you practice and take something away from it?!

Continue from where you left off above and single crochet row by row until you reach 15 rows. Now you have yourself a super simple coaster! Make a couple of them and you’ll have mastered the single crochet stitch. AND you’ll have made something useful that you can display on your coffee table for all your guests to see.

See? There’s no such thing as wasting time when crocheting because you are always learning something.I bet you didn’t think you’d be making your first project this early on, did you?

Here are a few other projects you can make with the single crochet stitch:

  • Simple Geometric Throw Pillow
  • Colorblock Beach Bag
  • Spring Market Tote
  • Faux Fur Hooded Scarf
  • Spring Meadow Baby Blanket

If you need further help with the basic stitches or you’re not sure what to learn next, sign up for my 7-Day Learn To Crochet Challenge! This challenge provides further step by step guidance on where to start, what to learn next, & how to get started on your first project!

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Further Tips on Learning How to Single Crochet

I say easy peasy, but you and I both know it’s not as simple as that. If you’re like most beginners, you’re going to question why your edges aren’t straight and why your work tends to curl. It’s completely normal so try not to get too frustrated.

Don’t worry about either of these things when you’re first starting out. Just continue practicing these stitches by following the above instructions until you get the hang of the stitch.

Once you’re completely comfortable with the single crochet stitch, we can start talking about ways to improve your edges and your tension.

Practice, practice, practice, and don’t give up! You got this.

Next in the Learn to Crochet the Easy Way Series:

  • Half Double Crochet Stitch Tutorial

Today we learned how to single crochet in 3 steps stitch for complete beginners. Insert your hook into the designated stitch, yarn over, pull through, yarn over and pull through both loops. Easy peasy!

I hope this tutorial was simple for you to understand and that you’ve made some real progress! Congratulations on learning your first basic stitch! If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask!

If you’re having trouble learning how to keep track of your stitches, I highly suggest checking out one of my other posts, Counting Crochet Stitches and Rows. It is jam-packed with a ton of great tips and tricks to make counting your stitches a whole lot easier! Plus, it will help immensely with keeping the edges of your work straight!

So I’ve put together a quick-read,free beginners guide that you should really check out! Thefree eBookprovides 13 essential, detailed tips that a lot of beginners don’t know and would truly benefit from! Get your free guide along with access to my freebie library by signing up for my email list below!

The Crochet’dy Bunch Facebook Group

I created a Facebook Group just for you! We’re calling ourselves the Crochet’dy Bunch and I would love for you to join. We have daily threads that include:

  • Motivational Mondays
  • Tip Tuesday
  • WIP Wednesday
  • Tutorial Thursday
  • Chit Chat Friday!

In this group we talk about all things crochet, dive deeper into tutorials, and share tons of laughs! Plus, there’s a video tutorial for every picture tutorial. If you join the group and have any questions about this post or would like me to go over something I didn’t cover, feel free to leave a question on the wall or send me a message!

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